There are doctors having to choose who lives and who dies just because there are not enough ventilators to going around.

What it does

Our solution helps the patient to breath in the ICU level 2 AND monitors the patient to track whether the person gets better or should be moved to ICU level 3.

How we built it

We build it using available components that can be put together with a week.

Challenges we ran into

Supply of sensors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Testing in the University Hospital of Tartu

What we learned

We started off building a ICU level 3 ventilator based on an ambubag. It took us 10 days to understand that the probability of success of building such a machine is very unlikely. AND that the biggest problem does not lie there since in the ICU level 3 the bottleneck becomes the staff - doctors, nurses, care-takers.

What's next for Ventit

Testing on real patients on their permission and prove that we can monitor reliably how the patient's state is changing. This is not a medical device.




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