The Problem VentLife Solves

In the COVID-19 pandemic, a deficit of ventilators is anticipated nationally and internationally to meet the needs of patients with COVID-induced respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. Current traditional mechanical ventilators are complex, expensive devices that use advanced valving and sensors in order to provide variable flow rate and pressures to intubated and mechanically ventilated patients. Their complex design results in high costs and long lead times to manufacturing these devices. A low-cost design that can provide basic ventilatory function is needed to address the projected shortage of ventilators.

VentLife is designed to be a low-cost ventilator whose design allows for mass production with readily available electrical and mechanical parts. VentLife’s design allows for multiple constant flow paths in order to deliver a specified tidal volume to a patient. The VentLife ventilator is able to meet the same clinical needs as the advanced devices created by our competition, and it can provide a range of tidal volumes, respiratory rates, and fraction of inspired oxygen, all while maintaining a range of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP).

The Solution You Bring to the Table

Traditional mechanical ventilators cost between $30-50k, and their complexity, cost, and long lead time to manufacture are all detriments in this COVID-19 crisis. A low-cost, portable ventilator with ease to manufacturing is needed to address the projected dearth of ventilators. We have designed VentLife, a ventilator that will cost between $1-3k and meet the same clinical needs as current competitor ventilators that are 10-20x more expensive than what we provide.

What you have done during the weekend?

The VentLife team has simulated 53 different clinical test cases on the prototype at the UCLA Simulation Center. The clinical simulations demonstrated functionality of the prototype, a requisite prior to medical grade manufacturing and IRB approval for clinical testing. For our fundraising campaign, we are crowdsourcing on social media to get donations for our IndieGogo campaign and directly through our website.

We also continued to develop our business plan, with the support of mentors from the EUvsVirus challenge.

VentLife’s Impact to the Crisis?

VentLife is a revolutionary ventilator that can be used beyond a pandemic setting - it is also a low-cost solution in rural settings and in the developing world. Unlike other bridge ventilators or full scale ventilator initiatives, and distinct from all open source University projects, our project is consulting with FDA, NIH, and other appropriate institutions to create a full scale mechanical ventilator ready for use in ICU settings, rural settings, and in the developing world

What is Your Business Plan?

VentLife is a registered non-profit entity in the United States.

We are targeting a COGS of $1000/unit and setting our capital expenditure at approximately $100,000 USD. As of now, we are focusing on initial investments being community driven since this is a community solution for a community problem. The main crowdfunding is coming from our indiegogo campaign, but we are applying to government grants from NIH and BARDA. As a non-profit, we are providing the lowest possible price based on initial research of willingness to pay leading to a selling point of $1300/unit. Once we get funding and turn to our ISO manufacturers, we are targeting 40 ventilators being created over an 8 hour shift per day hence making 800 ventilators/month.

The Necessities in Order to Continue the Project?

We are seeking $100,000 in funding to produce 5 VentLife prototypes in ISO 13485 manufacturing shops. These funds will be further used for clinical testing in an IRB-approved study. We are seeking the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration to put our product in use. We have already engaged the FDA and appropriate resources to move forward with clinical and bench studies. We are also looking to expand our team on the computational and engineering side in order to bring this product to market sooner.

The Value of the VentLife Ventilator After the Crisis?

Our ventilator is a low-cost ventilator that is designed to be a sustainable and clinically valuable solution for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We aim to have our full scale mechanical ventilator in ICUs across the world but especially in countries that lack ventilators to proportionally support their population. Our low cost ventilator would allow hospitals and healthcare facilities - especially the ones in need of it the most - to obtain the medical instrumentation necessary to further save lives.  The product itself requires low capital investments (~$100k) as we are focusing on using many off the shelf items and keeping the product simply.

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