Vision: A future where mobile health technology enables patients/ senior citizens/working population/  chronic disease  sufferers achieve a good quality of life at an affordable cost to save lives.

Innovation VinCense IoMT platform ( measures critical vitals for COVID-19 (C19) - pulse rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, skin temp in 10 seconds. To design VinCense COVID-19 Risk Detection Protocol (VinCRDP) based on WHO guidelines for cost & time-effective triage of at-risk individuals enabling targeted screening for C-19 in a data-driven manner

Problems we address:

  1. Shortage of ICU Beds and inventory; shortage of manpower
  2. Lack of effective active surveillance methodologies
  3. Occupational health & safety of employees in essential services sector
  4. Risk of medical workers getting infected
  5. Taking care of high-risk vulnerable patients in the current pandemic
  6. Lack of data-driven methodology for detecting COVID-19 risk

Use cases

  1. Self monitoring against C19
  2. Triage - detect C19 risk in 2 min
  3. Remote monitoring of C19/at-risk patients
  4. Screen ESW for C19 risk in 10secs


  1. Screen entire family<Rs.10 a day
  2. Prioritised use of C19 kits
  3. Lower risk for healthcare workers
  4. Ease load at hospitals
  5. Mass screening possible<Rs.7 per screening

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