We wanted to create a simulation of the spread of a virus during an epidemic like we see on various sources (like the one on 3blue1brown's channel), but including realistic human behaviours to see if such behaviours help understand better the spreading of virus inside our society. This tool will include a variety of "government actions", like to order a quarantine or introduce a vaccine to sensitize the population on the efficiency of such actions.

What it does

Simulate people behaviours inside a procedurally-generated city (tilemap). Each person (a little blob) has a variety of different properties defining its behaviours.

How I built it

Vanilla JavaScript. Tilemap, city generation and pathfinding were already in place before the hackathon, everything else (behaviors, virus, UI, etc...) was done this Week-End.

Challenges I ran into

State machine management for the behaviors of the blobs

What's next for Virus-city

Add charts, improve UI, more realistic viruses.

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