Ask someone if he completed the quarantine and he will start counting days or thinking when was the last time he went in an unsecure place. I see my parents living in the same house of my sister and her little son (different floors) and staying separate because of the uncertainty (even if all of them completed a full 14 days quarantine without any symptom)... then I tried some sobriety timers... but all apps I found had log of bugs or confusing.

So I started thinking how I wanted those timers to be, that we needed the possibility to view our contacts timers too. We need to know the health state of our contacts, family members, collegues, customers..

What it does

I want to be clear that I have no working programming at the moment so I'll explain what the app woud do:

If I know that someone had no symptoms in the last 14 days (with a begin without symptoms) I could do every activity with that person, so the whole society could restart in few weeks if we are in control of who is "green".

So the app creates a new user and asks for: -symptoms check -if clean sets a quarantine starting date (even in the past if had no contacts since then) -it will show a big colored circle with a days counter (the color could complete like a pie chart to the green)

-shows a list (whatsapp like) with a color for the health status of every contact

How I built it

Today I discovered figma and now there are new sketches available as images (check them)

Challenges I ran into

-Learning about the app creation world took more that a week (from using photoshop to create some sketches to x-code, choosing database, authentication methods, learning about firebase, sending emails to request for developers help, android studio, firebase hosting, posting at github requesting help[no one answer], learning about flutter, learning flutter environment and programming, back to Dart programming basics, and now.... now I discovered that thousands of people are already collaborating on so many projects around this virus fight.... and one is so close to my vision that I don't know if throw everything away or continue (I still think mine will have a cleaner approach and it's anyway different.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Setup a full flutter and firebase environment from scratch -learned a lot about the world of programming -learned Dart basics quite well -understood a bit more how ideas developing works -today I discovered figma and created a Virus Control project (check new screenshots)

What I learned

-That I'm not the only one that think a good app can save do the difference

What's next for Virus Control

I need help to create: -authentication (defining once for all which way to go (sms, google, email, all of them?) -not shure if related to auth method but I want a contact list whatsapp like -every user can create sub users (for children and other family member without smartphones or pc) -I'll start with a simple app with shared timers and questions to asses the beginning state and define the quarantine time duration



figma, firebase, flutter

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