April 2020. The world is on hold. Every single individual on the planet is exposed to the COVID19 pandemic. It compelled world citizens to come together to fight the spread of the virus. The COVID crisis sheds light on the global nature of the challenges the Humanity is now facing. This crisis affects us in different ways but our entire world is impacted. Even if the consequences of this virus are different in various places of the globe, the impact of the news and the lockdown highly impacts individuals' mental health. It seems that we are all in need of a better understanding of what other people are facing and doing elsewhere in order to build on solidarity projects gathering our entire humanity to solve global challenges.
Based on the idea that people have the power to change the world, we believe that a better understanding and listening of human stories from all regions of the world will help the entire humanity to better prepare, react and act as one to face the current global challenges. We want to use this momentum to widen everyone’s understanding of today’s challenges and coordinate actions to tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges together in the long run.

What it does

VIRUS + is an online platform gathering testimonies from individuals from all over the world. Using the current momentum, we want to create a sustainable solidarity movement starting from the Coronavirus crisis and leading to collective solutions to face challenges such as the climate crisis. With the objective to collect human stories using online means such as WhatsApp, we want to create a weekly podcast showcasing the life and aspirations of individuals. All the people will be able to contribute with their testimonies about certain topics sharing WhatsApp vocals. By choosing an accessible technology, we want to include as many individuals as possible in order for them to easily contribute through their mobile phones. Giving a platform for people to express themselves can be an incredible driver for change,  inspiring listeners to act with concrete solutions. We want to combine the ideas of dreamers with the capabilities of doers in order to spread the virus of positivity leveraging the power of storytelling.

How I built it

Starting as an idea, this project needs to be developed throughout the next days with friends, and colleagues from all over the world. Building upon this idea, we want to work on the development of a website (future platform) where we will be publishing testimonies and on the creation of a podcast script in order to start our first pilot. We are now hoping to gather more competencies to develop the concept and increase our outreach. Our team, composed of young, bright, and committed individuals has extensive experience in international projects and looks for other teammates to join us.

Challenges I ran into

We are currently searching for effective solutions to build an inclusive platform allowing interactions between individuals in order to foster the community spirit and the collaborations between users. Our project aims to be a collaborative initiative that could lead to local projects with listeners and contributors. We are looking at committed and passionate people to help us design the podcast as well as to adapt our content to the different regions of the world.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our logo has been designed, we are now developing the concept!  Our teamwork will be the best accomplishment, let's think and act together!

What I learned

Even if our experience in social entrepreneurship will help us a lot to develop this project, we want to learn a lot about media content creation and we will be learning every day through this exciting journey.

What's next for VIRUS +, share the virus of positivity.

If you are excited about the project, motivated to join an international initiative, and available for a wonderful team experience, reach out to us and we will be happy to have you onboard!  Share the Virus of positivity around you ;)



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