No university in Madagascar has online courses. Due to the pandemic corona virus, during this confinement, all the universities are closed and classes are suspended.

What it does

We want to create a platform that can make online courses setup easier, faster and realiable and at a lower cost.  It includes: Website (with login, access, ...) Videoconference tools, messaging tools.

How I built it

We will use Amazon Web Services for all of the part of the software and website (including database, storage, content delivery, ...)

Challenges I ran into

Not all university students have unlimited internet connection in Madagascar, moste of them only have access to Facebook. We have to include some service that resolve these problems such as setting up: SMS notification, ...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the second prize with that project for the national hackaton in Madagascar I'm one of the first AWS user in Madagascar We have built (online directory for Malagasy Business)

What I learned

AWS - Cloud Computing Big Data Online Platform Web Services

What's next for Madagascar E-University

We want to be the first online platform for e-learning in Madagascar. We need more developers in our team to expand our project. We also have to acquire sound and video equipment.



amazon, amazon-web-services, angular.js, python

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