The problem: Communication for the seniors – elderly people – at times of crises or beyond, in order to receive supplies and help at home, is often a major problem. In the global situation, there are many seniors living in a country, language of which they have not mastered. Thus they are in a vulnerable position, when they have to explain or apply for help and support from social and rescue services, as well as from the volonteers’ organisations.

What it does

Helps the senior citizens to communicate their needs and fulfill them

How I built it

On semantic technologies and technologies of automated learning, high-load platform solution

Challenges I ran into

Executing the surveys to learn about the real needs of the senior citizens

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

VoiceBot Nastya

What I learned

We are all vulnerable to crises

What's next for VOICE BOT NASTYA

Adding 17 languages



high-load, platform, the-elements-based-on-semantic-technologies-and-technologies-of-automated-learning

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