Pandemic isn’t interested, how much medical facilities in your country are provided. And in the world there remains a great differentiation in the equipment of hospitals in different countries. We are the Ukrainian team of developers IT BRO and several weeks ago we were contacted by The Poltava Volunteer Group - with request for the web portal development, which highlights the needs of healthcare facilities, which unites local business companies and volunteers around the task of helping. So we launch the web portal, which highlights the needs of healthcare facilities for the region and unites around the project local business companies and volunteers. it`s real project just working for last weeks in Ukraine. Thousands of Poltava people with active position joined the project. Local business, which has seen other organizations join in, has also supported the initiative. Thus, the project brought people together around the construct.

What it does

We help those volunteer organisations, that work in their regions with poor hospital care, and need support in web. The experience of a working Ukrainian portal shows that it helps to unite business companies and volunteers around the real needs of healthcare facilities. A person reading the local panic-spreading news - realizes that there is an opportunity to support local hospitals and becomes engaged in constructive actions. Local citizens provide readiness for pandemic risks for healthcare facilities and focus on constructive actions

Scheme of our support:

Leave the application on the our web site us about your volunteering activity. And in a short time we help you to start and deploy a similar web portal, for your region, where you inform the citizens about the needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities and unite people around not panic, but the real task of helping. With the help of web portal you tell about your successful accomplishments, local business companies and organisations, which joined in. You coordinate the work of volunteers, add and share another important information. We help you, you help the world to stop and defeat pandemic.

What's next for

When we saw the hackathon "The Global Hack", we thought we could scale this solution for other countries. And these days we have added new functionality for new visualization of region needs, ads new modules for important information (of local organisation) and translated the admin panel to English from Ukrainian, for easy using in world. We got worked with short sleep breaks, completely immersed in the task. So now we offer this ready solution for the volunteer organisations from other countries, which are in real need of this. Project is ready to scale in the world and merge around opportunities. We will just help to deploy such web projects to volunteers from other regions of the world, with poor hospital care. We will support those who need us.

And yet we got the idea to launch local self-education projects, but that's another story... :)

We will also be happy to collaborate and communicate with other developers, designers, web studios, after hackathon, in other projects.

If you do not want to lose contact after the hackathon - write to us connect with me in facebook or linkedin

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