VirtualTheatre-COVID-19 Entertainment.

Enjoy At Home Movie Screening on One Click :)

Amidst the COVID-19 chaos and the unbounded necessity to stay at home, we often miss hanging out with our friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Also, because we are forced to live inside the house, maintaining social distancing, it is inevitable that we might get bored. We are missing so many things, hanging out with friends, parties, going out on picnics, road trips and various other social gatherings.

Watching movies is also one of the most beloved things to do, however, COVID-19 stopped its business as well :/

Although we have online entertainment options available like NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc., we all miss having the movie theatre experience. Here is when V-Talkies can come to your help!

Just like cinema theatre, you can watch the live stream of the latest movies broadcasted on the website at specified times. All you have to do is just have an account created, book your favorite movie, get notified email about it and watch it with the world !!!

Additionally, V-Talkies has one major advantage with respect to users. You can book a movie and watch at home, together with family or friends, by purchasing just ONE ticket! V-Talkies saves your money and you can enjoy latest movies at the comfort of your home :D

What it does

V-talkies is a simple, easy to understand and use web-application. Following are it's the usage details:

  • Register/Log-in for link access
  • Get confirmation email with details for the movie screening
  • Using link open the screen and enjoy your Movie :)

How we built it

Built with This project was generated with Angular CLI The backend was created using FireBase API used for movies - Omdb API

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult for us to find an open-source movie streaming API with detailed movie information like movie trailers, genres, reviews, etc. Hence, for now, the V-talkies includes only limited features based on the information fetched from Omdb API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created something innovative, which can help people relax from the ongoing chaos, within a limited time and resources.

What we learned

From crisis like COVID-19, we learned to value the people around us, we learned the importance of the things we are not able to do right now due to the pandemic, which leads to this idea of developing a virtual theatre.

Developing V-talkies taught us that even if we, as programmers, can't contribute as much as the medical or government professionals, we can still use our skills to make a small contribution to society in this difficult time.

Personally, we got to learn something new, which added new skills to our skillset. Me, as a front-end developer of this project, I got to learn and work on the backend tool Firebase. My teammate, who has developed the backend got to dive into the front end technologies. In this way, V-Talkies expanded both of our knowledge.

What's next for VTalkies-Virtual Theatre

A lot of things!!!! We plan out on including the following features:

  • Allow users to add reviews
  • Show movie reviews along with the movie information while booking
  • View the names, who all are streaming with you
  • Private and public Chat window interfaces to chat while watching the movie
  • Share the movie information over other social media platforms



angular.js, css, firebase, html5, javascript, jquery

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