Is a community-led fun way to share basic skills and knowledge through chat audio/video calls. When you need help or to learn a basic skill i.e. Cooking, Gardening hacks or the sorts. The app connects you with helpers who already have that experience or the skill.


With the current situation worldwide, being self-dependent at home has become more important than ever to know basic life skills such as cooking, electrical work to a bit more complex skills like a plumbing issue, tuition or help with your pet. Even though there's loads of guides and videos on these skills online, we found that due to a lack of interactivity, it becomes more impactful when someone guides you through real-time collaboration.

So, our solution; #WalkMeThroughIt - where users can share skills to help one another.

What it does

The app allows you to create a profile of basic life skills you know, from which you can then use to help/teach other users on the platform the skills you possess or seek assistance from other users to learn basic skills.

For example, if you don't know how to change a plug or a lightbulb, you can put in a request through the app as an electrical fix, and someone on the platform who has experience on electrical fixes can connect and walk you through the process via a chat audio/video call.

Users earn in-app coins for rating helpers and helpers get in-app coins for helping users. Which can then be redeemed for gifts on the in-app gift store.

We believe this is a fun way to pick up new skills around the house and get better at the skills you have by teaching others.



firebase, php, reactnative, zoom

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