Governments around the world have immobilized people in order to stop the propagation of covid-19. Although immobilization is the best prevention method so far, it carries out strong consequences in economy, health, education and culture. Human activities have been reduced and people just go outside to bring fundamental things to their homes. A solution that allow people mobilization controlled by themselves is necessary.

What it does

A person who want to go outside can make a request with an input related to their path. The application connects it with the path of people who are allowed to mobilize and recommends a  schedule in which the person can go outside. The algorithm looks for the maximum people in streets respecting the WHO distancing recommendations. Moreover, the application generates a QR code. Law enforcement can scan this code in order to regularized people mobilization and enforce the restrictions of the quarantine.

How I built it

The solution is a native or web application for smartphones, with access to the internet, GPS and the camera of the device. The application uses an algorithm that is constantly feed it with user’s data. It can be used in coordination with the government.

Challenges we ran into

Immediate solutions with big positive impact in society in order to be replicated over the world. Every country face different realities and troubles, and it was challenging the fact to offer a versatile idea.

Next steps

In order to fully develop this app, we need the support of the government and a citizens database.


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