After living in Tanzania for many years, an opportunity came, through the inspiration of a Tanzanian young leader, Victor Mavika, to get involved in safe water projects. It is now a large part of our work. The original idea was a safe water purifier which uses electrolysis to purify contaminated water. We have focused on serving safe water to all 19 schools in the Sonjo tribe of northern Tanzania.

What it does

Water Works Tanzania project would serve all entities working in the safe water domain to create a data warehouse of all of our efforts so that we may all work more effectively and efficiently and collaboratively.

How I built it

Water Works Tanzania project is built using Wix and database processing.

Challenges I ran into

Promoting Water Works Tanzania project may be challenging so our data warehouse will only be as good as the participation makes it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have learned a lot. It is wonderful to be working with Tanzanians, especially emerging leaders, on practical solutions.

What I learned

Coordinated and collaborative efforts are key. Local ownership, participatory approaches, and positive deviance theory provide great benefits.

What's next for Water Works Tanzania

We are continuing the safe water purifier installs, adding hand-washing stations, hygiene components, and water filters for the disabled as well. We will be focusing on leadership development and training to ensure good long-ter outcomes. We also hope the Water Works Tanzania data collection will teach us more on the national efforts, strengthen and speed the overall goal of providing safe water to all of Tanzania.

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