We noticed that most students, staff, and other professionals had an abrupt change in how they perform tasks each day. The COVID pandemic forced people to start working from home. Simple task assignments that used to be verbal are now done through messaging, which causes everyone is overflowed with emails, texts, and calls. Although our long term goal is to build a version that can be used by healthcare workers in high acuity medical settings. In the near term, we wanted to release the app for students and professionals who want to make their team's intraday activities more productive.

What is does

Studies show that remote workers work 17 more days per year, and they have 10 less minutes of idle time per workday. We believe that as companies temporarily transitioned to online platforms because of the quarantine, many would realize that a similar level of productivity is possible without making office attendance mandatory. Our goal is to make team remote team management seamless and efficient on any given workday. We will do that by aggregating messages, emails, and call clusters into an application with a UI that focuses on the task at hand.

How we built it

We are developing the mobile App using the new Google UI software, Flutter. This will allow us to build the application once, and then update it multiple times as we go along. For voice recognition we are using computer vision and natural language processing.

Challenges we have faced

In certain markets, like the medical information technology market, it is hard to work with its bureaucratic systems and it’s hard to get them to use a standalone app that is not offered with the “bundle” of applications that the hospital purchases. We are constantly refining our target markets with customer discovery. We learned that for an app like Wave it is best to start off with a more accessible consumer market, get feedback and refine the product, then work with businesses in different industries


We are proud to have been able to start working on the prototype after months of learning about what features our customers want. Throughout the process, we were able to build meaningful connections and gain crucial knowledge about the startup process.

We are aiming to release the first prototype to beta users by the end of May, then we will start working on the second version of the app

Back Story

Initially, my co-founder, Fatema, who is a physician assistant at Lenox Hill hospital was describing to me how inefficient intraday task assignment is in her hospital. We did a ton of customer discovery and figured out that the some hospitals still use pager, some use apps made for communication, but they are not built with the mid-level healthcare worker in mind. Current systems are either hard to use or inefficient. As we continued talking to people we realized that the same app we designed could also be used in other domains, like education and engineering management.



c++, swift

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