WeSportive is a social enterprise and our mission is to create a global school that delivers the new generation sports trainings for all ages.


Due to Covid-19 worldwide; As a result of the closure of sports facilities and schools, curfews and cancellation of sports leagues, the majority of individuals who do regular sports, amateur and professional athletes are unable to train. This kind of initiative level is difficult and costly for a coach trying to develop online sport education and deliver e-training programs to the masses. Since most sports clubs and academies can not provide adequate digital infrastructure, smart coaching materials and tools, online sports trainings are not organized.

What it does

We offers an online sports coaching platform to help coaches and their athletes worldwide to online training.

WeSportive is a fully integrated online sports coaching platform that allows athletes and individuals of all ages to get training and the accredited coaches, managers and instructors to give training in any sports from anywhere in the world.

How we built it

Our strategy is to develop a fully integrated online sports coaching platform to cover the spectrum of tailored e-learning solutions and interactive portal, by providing free digital tools and smart coaching materials for sport staff members such as coaches, managers and instructors.

This innovative approach creates a whole new way to transform sports facilities to the smart sports facilities that will integrate with top sports clubs, organizations, sponsors and the most prestigious colleges and universities on the platform.

Challenges we ran into

WeSportive has a data verification infrastructure with artificial intelligence technology to enable real time identification, accredited, photo and video analysis against fraud in digital environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Supported by Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry.

What we learned

The action seeks to have social impact in two major fields:

  1. Improving the knowledge and know-how of sport staff and athletes;
  2. Developing international cooperation to provide solutions to the social problems of sport staff and athletes and to improve their well-being.

What's next for WeSportive

The expected outcomes are twofold:

  1. Providing online sports trainings and smart facilities for sports staff and athletes;
  2. Establishment of Europe network of sport staff and athletes

WeSportive is going to provide an ultimate connection plus growth to the life-changing opportunities through both dynamic online sports training courses and recreational events, by transforming sports facilities to smart sports facilities for over 5 million sport staff and athletes around Europe.

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