Social media is filled with people posting about how bored they are during the quarantine, so I decided to create a site that can hopefully help generate some engaging ideas.

What it does

The site randomly generates activities to do at home during a quarantine.

How I built it

I built the website as a basic static site with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, and Bootstrap 4. It's simple, straightforward, and responsive for mobile.

Challenges I ran into

The site functionality and styling is pretty simple, so the biggest challenge was compiling the list of thoughtful quarantine activities and linking them to quality online resources.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The site is simple, usable, and responsive for mobile. I built this site very quickly towards the end of the hackathon time period, so the fact that I have a production-ready website given when I started is an accomplishment.

What I learned

There are countless free resources online to learn new skills keep busy, it's just about having the initial prompt. Putting a production-ready site together within a few hours showed that it's possible to deliver value in a short period of time. Also, .com domains are way more expensive than .org.

What's next for What should I do today?

It would be nice to grow the list of activities and have people submit creative ideas. I'd like to get more non-internet dependent ideas on the list. The site could also be modified to apply to learning activities for kids, or an enhancement added to filter down to kid-friendly activities to help assist parents that now need to home school their kids.

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bootstrap, css, html, javascript, jquery

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