In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has reached devastating proportions, touching nearly every country and territory around the world.

The situation is bad, but it could get decidedly worse, especially if the disease infiltrates more of the world's most vulnerable populations and communities, infecting those with the most limited access to prevention and care.

We have not heard yet of an outbreak of COVID-19 in refugee camps, but that is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

That is why we want as Aluna to use our wifi-boxes to create a wifi-network within refugee camps.

What it does

Once you connect to our wifi-network you will have access to the Aluna platform with 512 GB of digital content in the categories:

The digital content on the Aluna platform has been divided in the following topics:


  • Khan Academy (video lessons of all the subjects For primary and secondary pupils);
  • FreecodeCamp a complete course to learn people how to code;
  • Gügenheim book Collection (over 1,000 of books);
  • TEDx videos;
  • Wikipedia (available in local languages as well);
  • Educational materials for teachers and their staff;
  • And many other educational digital content (video lessons, Books. Music, Art, Psychology)

All of these digital educational content can be used to set up educational programs from the refugees their homes. Because they only need a mobile phone to connect to the wifi network. From where they can access the Aluna platform and have access to the educational material.

Health Care

  • Khan Academy Encyclopedia For Health Care workers
  • Health care information of NGOs with regard to diseases as TBC and Aids. But also with  regard to gender and equal right For women.
  • Digital information about the coronavirus and daily news updates of the UN (Health Care  information: Coronavirus.

We can also use other applications, like Aluna social to let health care workers in direct contact with the refugees. This way they can lower the time spent to outreaches for home visits now the health care centres are fully occupied.


Aluna Social

Aluna Social is a decentralized social network application a la Facebook. Aluna Social has a messaging app as well, which can be used For free. This way refugees don’t need to make use of data bundles or SMS bundles of local telco’s.

Business can use the profile page to promote their goods and services and can offer discounts to the whole camp. They can even create pages which are functioning as market places to swap and trade goods.

Aluna Tube

Aluna tube is a decentralized content sharing application a la Youtube. With Aluna tube businesses can promote their goods and services through our wifi-network.

Through Aluna social and Aluna tube we can lower the contact moments For business and consumers. This way the virus will spread less quickly as it does now.


With Aluna Social refugees have access to a messaging app as well. With this messaging app, they can send each other free messages within the camp.

On organisational level

We can reserve a special place on the Aluna platform for the UN, which they can use to communicate with the refugees on a daily basis and inform them about the latest developments about the Coronavirus.

How I built it

The wifi-boxes are running on the B.A.T.M.A.N protocols.

Challenges I ran into

Working out the business case, the web-portal to visualize the data gathered by questionnaires which we put on the wifi-boxes to monitor the impact of the NGOs who are active in the refugee camp, talking to more NGOs and understanding how the wifi-network and its content can be used within their working processes to support the staff of the NGOs and the refugees, finding a refugee camp to implement our wifi-network, finding a strong partner who we can help with rolling out our wifi-network

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have already rolled out our wifi-network and its Aluna platform for three projects in Kenya. One in the Kibegare slum in Nairobi and the other two in a rural area where the Maasai Mara lives. In total we have connected 4,000 people.

What I learned

Too much to tell, why don't you join our team and our project and ask us ourselves :D

What's next for Wifi-network with free digital content for Refugees Camps

After this Hackathon we want to find a refugee camp in the world where we can roll-out our system and solve/reduce the problems of refugees and NGOs their staff.


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