The idea with started already in 2016/17 new year eve. I was then living in France and I came back to Oslo for Christmas and new year. As a Turkish-Norwegian, I received a question, "what is the biggest difference between Norway and Turkey".  I found the real answer, after a few months later. The single biggest cause for the difference was "Turkey is not learning from its own mistakes but Norway often learns from its own mistakes and she even learns from other countries' mistakes and successes too.  The answer pushed me to build

We are building Wlearn in a very simple way that everyone, every organization, cities and country organs can simply join to supply with know-how and experience on a specific topic or data on corona-crisis. We and users, organizations like WHO and ACDS supply with data that people and government can learn from other´s proven solutions. then analyses the data and supplies valuable analyses, action steps to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Same principle applies even better in economics to solves economical consequences of these crises.

We have built Wlearn with node.js and express framework. It goes fast and simple.

The single biggest challenge for us to explain and prove to people that this simple solution is one of the biggest weapons we have against corona and other crises. We have all heard "don't re-event the wheel" yet, we are all looking for it! We have social media model where people create chaos and fake news. But we are using the same model to empower humanity. We are just building an analytics tool to analyze data and find solutions. There are also AI-powered, analytic tools to help us.

Wlearn gathers know-know and knowledge from all over the world on different topics and finds the best solutions and action suggestions for all and actions for cities. We have seems that many governments acted late or wrong because they tried to protect their political agenda firstly rather than reading the data and acting after data! It is also a global problem in every aspect and it can be only solved if we can act globally. In order to act together; 1- We need to collect all related data 2- Have a common platform to interact and get agree upon issues and solutions.

We will be very proud and fulfilled when we help to save lives and help to re-shape the world economy, as well as helping individuals to understand the data and measures better. By doing so we will probably help to enforce the democracy for the better. Because our model is based on both direct involvement from individuals and organizations and intuitions as a reliable data source.

We have learned that people will always use more time to find mistakes than helping a project. Even though it was very difficult, we have found ways to communicate with people to teach them using "the social media" model can be used for solving complicated problems and it doesn't have to be so difficult when we co-operate on same things.

Wlearn is building new analytics tools to analyze data and solutions suggestions for existing and coming problems during corona crises. We will also work on UX to make it simpler for people to understand and look better in design.

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