One farmer, one survival garden, one whole family. It's about joining small atoms to form larger atoms through combination of efforts.

The COVID-19 situation we are facing today is an experience that if we work together, our efforts will result in healing as a nation and a solution to our needs.

Every person is important. Our responsibility is to use our full potential and not just to depend on the government to be a perfect example to our children and youth. Not only to live but to live with dignity. This is how we return the dignity to every person. It challenges everyone to reach out and use their full potential, for the highest good of all. Let's give hope and motivation to each family!

Responsible farming is a great, big solution for food security and well-being of everyone since we don't know as to when this crisis would stop.

What it does


Working Hands Fusion Program (WHFP) is a collaborative community project of Brotherhood of Mother’s Kids, Angel of Light. I Learn partnered with government agencies and private sectors, which encourages and empowers families to make their own survival gardens for food security and well-being.

Guidebooks, agricultural hotline numbers, and technical assistance will now be more accessible with Zelos App connecting volunteers directly to the people in need of help.

How we built it

WHFP collaborated with Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry - Los Baños National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center (DA BPI-LBNCRDPSC), Department of Agriculture - Region IV-A, Department of Agriculture - Central Office, iGEM, and Global Goals Action Ambassadors.

Challenges we ran into

There's no available public and local transporation in most of the communities in the Luzon area. Our priorities are the areas affected by the COVID-19 lockdown we're looking forward to expand the distribution Visayas and Mindanao through optimizing intensive colllaborations with government agencies and private sectors.

Limited operation time is also challenging but we make sure that once we go out, we make the most out of it with accomplishing all the necessary tasks outside, of course, following Enhanced Community Quarantine Measures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a limited operation, WHFP had already distributed organic seeds (123 packs of Corn, 40 packs of Tomato, 132 packs of Cucumber, 241 packs of String Beans, 227 packs of Cowpea, 137 packs of Winged Bean, 160 packs of Mung Bean, and 269 packs of Okra), 1 pack of mustasa seeds, tomato seedlings, and organic fertilizers to the nearby communities in Pila, Laguna.

We believe that mind and soul conditioning can develop the communities alone. We encourage community leaders and members to spearhead their own version of surrvival  gardens. We let them feel that they are not just beneficiaries but WHFP is their own project too!

Our community leaders secure our legal papers and survival garden records too!

WHFP has partnered with Volunteers around the globe for making this project a prototype on giving sustainable solutions on their respective countries.

What we learned

There is no such thing as over expansion nor impossibility. Everything is possible with different strategies based on the current situation and forecasting. This project unleashes every agricultural hero in the surviving families. Be brave, collaborate, and leave no one behind.

Since most Filipinos are Facebook users, we use it as our platform to reach out more communities.


WHFP is now working on distributing organic seeds to other provinces in the Philippines. Specifically, giving opportunities and chances to marginalized sectors such as Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Senior Citizens, and  small brotherhoods and sisterhoods.

WHFP has collaborated with Zelos App for effective mobilization on reaching out more communities and tapping more volunteers globally.

In support with the healthier diet campaign, we have also partnered with Go Natural. We believe that it will only be sustainable when people know how to plant and how to eat their vegetables and fruits.

We are also open for collaborations with different sectors globally.


May everyone be blessed with abundance, prosperity, good health, complete healing, joy, happiness, great success, peace, loving-kindness, generosity, and Divine guidance!

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