TECHO is an organization present in 19 Latin American countries, which seeks to overcome the poverty situation experienced by millions of people in popular settlements, through the joint action of its inhabitants and young volunteers.
The constant collaboration between volunteers and the communities to build a fair, integrated, and poverty-free society, where everyone has the opportunities needed to develop their capacities and fully excercise their rights,  inspires us every day. It all started in Curanilahue, almost 700 km south of Santiago de Chile, in the winter of 1997. A group of young university students, led by the Jesuit priest Felipe Berríos, began to meet with families in the area who were living in extreme poverty situations.  For several years, together they carried out increasingly large and permanent works that contributed to the complex situation of families. Slowly, Techo is emerged in Latin America and it has mobilized more than one million of voluteers. Today, facing the covid19 crisis, we have to think a new way to work with the communities and continue to overcome poverty.  Our challenge is to ensure the work of our volunteers remotly and continue to finance our actions  in a completly different world. We need to re-think the modality of our support in the communities, promoting the a remote action, when all our work was based on the contstant interaction between our volunteers and the inhabitants of popular settlements. Now instead, we are a possible risk of contagious for them.  We accept the challenge because we know we can do it. We are proud of how we are preventing the contagious in the communities,  delivering emergency food and toilet kits,providing water and building emergency houses. We learned that we can promote communications in the communities and help them to prevent the epidemy  but at the same time that we can become a risk for them.  For this reason, we want to work remotely with communities in extreme poverty. The next step is thinking how, implenting new innovation methods for our actions.

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