Today there are thousands of fitness instructors and gyms going online to save their business. Currently there’s no global discovery platform where gym classes, apps and independent instructors would be listed to gain global reach. Meanwhile, there are millions of people working out from home, following online workouts, taking advantage of free trials and trying to support their local gyms and instructors.

It’s like finding a hotel in the times before Booking. Quite a mess!

Personally, I find it overwhelming with so much choice. I try a lot of classes, apps and recommend them to my friends. I wish I could be able to share the gems I find with the rest of the world, and give a chance to the local gyms to earn income.

What it does

WORKOUTin's vision is to become the go-to place for online workouts, "A Tripadvisor for online fitness classes and apps".

  1. Filter choices by: User ratings Instruction language Price per workout/month Features (live class/recorded class/graphics/app Level (easy/intermediate/advanced)
  2. Make a choice Redirect to the the partner’s platform Work out at home
  3. Spread the word Rate the workout for free trial credits Save it to your favorites

How I built it

On Bubble!

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for WORKOUTin

Taking it to market

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