Dear The Global Hack representatives,

I hope that in this time of pandemic this message finds you healthy.

I am Drilon Llalloshi, 30 years old. I am from Kosovo and live in Berlin. B.A. in Media & Graphic Communication Management and International Relations. Former Search and Rescue Officer of the Kosovo Security Force and former Kosovo's National swimming representation team member. I now am an instructor of this sport and a student of the master's level for International Security Management at Berlin University of Economics and Law.

Pandemics is one of the issues of prestige in my curriculum and today I want to share with you the project proposal regarding physical fitness and healthy nutrition during the global COVID-19 crisis.

Since the Olympic Games were supposed to take place this year but unfortunately had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis, I acknowledged the need to create a centralised digital platform to bring together all the athletes as the main entity of promoting a well maintained health globally.

While isolated, people are likely to develop unnecessary health conditions since physical activity is restrained and at the same time food consumption is tentatively rising. Moreover, the mental impact of the current crisis should not be underrated, as this could also have a great influence in physical health. With that being said, it is very important to promote physical fitness and healthy nutrition on a global scale. Who else would influence this aspect better than athletes and their peers?

Indicating that, as International Security Managers our target audience and field of close surveillance are those who are not infected by COVID-19. Also, our goal is to keep their health in normal standards, while healthcare authorities are dealing with the infected individuals. As such we will intend to keep people healthy around the world in order not to overwhelm the healthcare institutions.

The question that we can raise and even have the International Olympic Committee supporting us is: How can 2020 Olympic athletes influence their nations' citizens to remain healthy during the current pandemic?

And the potential answer is: The online platform that we intend to build will give them the opportunity to be close to their nations' citizen without having to leave the house, which is quite important in this crisis. In this regard they demonstrate daily home workout plans as well as homemade food recipes. With that they will also promote particular locally grown or manufactured products, ingredients and recipes. Hence, they will still be able to guide citizens as sports ambasadors who participated in the Olympic Games.

My brainstorming motto is: We can beat COVID-19 but for that we have to continue being healthy in order to not develop a weak immune system and save the energy of healthcare personnel by reducing the number of patients.

I intend to draw attention and above all to bring this initiative to life and support everybody around the world to sustain good health during this time when physical activity has dramatically decreased in quarantine. We can defeat the virus but for that we must have a strong immunity and not be open to other diseases that can threaten us as a result of the passivity imposed to fight this virus.

In this crisis I invite the National Olympic Committees and through their channels International Olympic Committee to help me place this idea out as soon as possible by giving me the opportunity to collect self made video materials from the Olympic 2020 athletes around the world. Me and my team are eager to build a prototype web page, and have the idea presented to The Global Hack so together we will potentially be the factor to start downsloping the curve of the infected individuals with COVID-19 in the world.

Global Physical Fitness and Nutrition During the COVID-19 Crisis

Team members:

|Drilon Llalloshi - Safety, Security and Emergency Specialist |Ana Karina Randhahn - Emergency and Disaster Relief Specialist |Ngenge Randsom Tanyu - Political Scientist |Njomza Salihu - Software Project Manager Expert |Drin Llalloshi - Business Consultant and International Swim Coach |Drite Rexhepi - Finance Analyst |Albert Asllani - Communications Expert |Alban Asllani - IT and Media Marketing Expert |Albion Krasniqi - Business Intelligence Analyst |Flakeron Abazi - Legal and Law Enforcement Expert |Paulina Fritz - Young Leader at International Olympic Committee


While the whole world is facing the COVID-19 crisis, we came up with the idea of raising global awareness of physical well-being and decreasing the number of patients in the healthcare institutions. Being quarantined is one of the most valuable sacrifices people can make to reduce the spread of the virus. However, isolation can have negative effects on the human body as physical activity decreases and food consumed under these conditions can be healthwise regressive.

The world will face economic, political and social difficulties during and after this crisis. Thus, humans must be aware of their continued well-being. Physical fitness and nutrition as the basics of life is a topic we plan to launch as a digital platform. Personal safety is the number one priority for all human beings and to maintain this attribute we must be physically capable to keep fit. Moreover, food as another fundamental factor in our lives plays a key role in dealing with any kind of situation or crisis.

As an initial idea, this platform will be an online site or a landing page in the International Olympic Committee website accessible to all, which will be informative about the importance of physical activity as well as utilizing nutrition during the “stay at home” time.

The main mission of WORLDONLINEOLYMPICS is to raise social awareness about physical health and nutrition during the fight against the COVID-19 on the global scale. As such, it aims to engage all the athletes that were supposed to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in a single online platform to promote healthy physical fitness during quarantine.

The global impact will be tremendously influential to fighting COVID-19 by having all of them in one single platform and emphasising the importance of staying home and yet keeping a focus on maintaining good health.

This can be done by having athletes provide self made videos showing different exercises at home for a marathon video publication and have them promote a healthy lifestyle. For example, collecting 12 videos with home workout and 12 videos of healthy cooking from Olympic athletes every day and publish them every hour in order to have the audience's attention on a constant basis and impose staying at home. Videos then will remain accessible on the platform for everyone on demand. Moreover, athletes can always go to their privat social media and share the whole experience. This will increase the reach for a healthier lifestyle.

I intend to have the International Olympic Committee involved in WORLDONLINEOLYMPICS to extend influence to National Olympic Committees for cooperation. Every athlete that was supposed to compete in the 2020 Olympics will be asked to be in front of a standardised setup of their personal media communication devices at a certain time for a certain period from their home. The goal for this is to engage the users by doing a workout session and a healthy meal program. Moreover, every country will have the opportunity to promote local basic as well as manufactured food and ingredients through their sport representatives.

WORLDONLINEOLYMPICS intends to collect video materials with physical exercises that can potentially be applied by everyone at home in order to replace the movement and activity they have usually done without being in quarantine. Furthermore, meals that are available in the countries of the athletes are being promoted in order to reach their population and have the audience eat healthy.

The website shall be accessible to all those who have access to the internet and will be in English language, whereas the provided videos of the athletes can be in their respective national language with subtitles in every language for a massive impact.

In order to make the echo around the world everyone, especially social media influencers, can start using the hashtag #WORLDONLINEOLYMPICS by making a video of themselves cooking or exercising at home based on what their beloved athlete has promoted.

If the crisis will exceed the total duration of all combined videos of all the athletes, we will extend our activity to other forms of influence by having other sport members like trainers, referees, doctors and other entities involved in the Olympic family.

Lastly, the whole project can be narrowed down only for Kosovo. And have golden medalist Majlinda Kelmendi and her friends promote good health and well-being during quarantine. But, we aim to be the country to leave a mark in Olympics history.

Looking forward to receiving feedback from you.




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