The novel corona virus COVID-19 is disrupting lives across the globe. Doctors and nurses from around the world are at the front line of this battle combating the deadly virus. Supermarket staff and supply chains are working round the clock to ensure their shelves don't go empty. Home delivery services are under tremendous strain to cope with the surge in online demand.

Medical staff and key workers are not alone in this battle. Worldwar-c is a crowdsourced voluntary initiative where individuals from all walks of life come together, share their skills and time, and hopefully combat the spread of this virus.

We need individuals from the medical profession to guide us on what data points to capture, questions to ask, symptoms to look out for and advice we can point our users to.

Last but most importantly, we need users like you to sign up and use the app. Without a statistically significant dataset, there is little progress we can make.

Our Challenges and Goals:


• Ozone disinfection • Testing, diagnostics and tracing

The World Health Organization has criticised countries that haven’t prioritised testing. Its chief executive, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said, “You cannot fight a fire blindfolded. Our key message is test, test, test.”

e-Healthcare Pandemic Platform

Develop a real-time data streaming platform optimized to run across distributed compute environments that captures bio-signals (photoplethysmography – PPG [high level overview])

• Heart rate • Blood pressure • Respiration rate • Oxygen rate

using a cross platform mobile phone app with questions to enter one’s body temperature and other pertinent diagnostics questions for data processing using ML/AI.

Proximity (social distancing) sensing and tracing App (integrate with above app)

Develop a cross platform mobile phone app that uses beacon and GPS technology to track and provide proximity warning with tracing data to help individuals stay safe.

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