Inspiration... So what got be interested in Bitcoin.....I heard that Mark Zuckerberg was keen to launch Libra. And in March the coin went down 30% then bounced up 60%. This was a time many enthusiasts were predicting a 16,000 to 18,000 possible price being reached.

How I built it......ok so if you try flipping ETH and BTC to get profits when one has more buying power than the other it seemed like a good idea.

Challenges I ran can ruin your investment on trusted sites by exchanging too frequently due to exchange fees.

......Nexo as a platform was really difficult to understand. I found there was an interest in mining for Bitcoin. Lost £300 on which closed after I paid my money.

I had to go Hotbit, Binance, Luno, Starling Euro to Starling Pounds to get my money back.

What's next for Worst Blockchain startups

Probably Binance is the most important site for those who want to buy Cryptocurrency. Don't like people or pages on Facebook to do with Cryptocurrency.

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