Hello !

This is our project for the hacktahon Global Hackathon Covid19. We spent 2 Days to finished this, yet we need more improvements and more feature!

Team :

  1. R Surahutomo Aziz P Role : Tech Lead Ig :
  2. Suratno (Backend Developer) Role : Backend Developer Ig : @hello_ratno

Made With :

  • React Js
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firebase Authentication
  • React Speech Recognition
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Analytics

Problem : As we know that there were a lot of cancelled events during this global epidemic, which causes events to go streaming through many platform.

Solution : As we know that there were a lot events going online, with this we are hope that we can create a next generation event streaming platform for a better experience with a lot of additional features and a lot of customization!

Expected Features :

  • Google Authentication
  • Choose room with a different events that is going on
  • We can streaming the events together with other people, means gathering together virtually!
  • Question and Answer Virtually with the Speech Recognition in this platform.
  • We can put many sponsors in the Virtual event as they need, event put a video to sponsor them, and some interactive information in the Virtual event.
  • We can play a Quiz or a Game in the middle of the event! so the Streaming will be not so boring and much more interesting!
  • We can record how many participants attending the room.
  • It works on all platform! No special Virtual Reality gear required
  • Play it like a game!
  • We can customize the Virtual Event like what Event Organizer Do in usual event!

Thank you!


We got inspired by our passion! we wanna create something interesting, something new, and something more than just usual ! and thats how we manage this idea project.

What it does

It let us to do a Streaming with a Virtual Reality Experience! where we can meet each other in the same room but virtually! we can speak and talk with people inside the room.

How we built it

We built it with :

  • React Js  (Frontend)
  • Firebase (Backend)
  • Aframe Js (Virtual Reality Library)

Challenges we ran into

  • The challenges we ran into is, to integrate Virtual Reality experience with other Tech Stack! Which is kind of buggy, because we are creating something more.
  • Time, to do a research, trying, and at the same time implementing the solution, in other words, this is our first attempt creating this and really from scratch within just 2 Days with 2 Devs!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we really made it! our research, trial and error was made a result! we are so grateful that we really made this happen.

What we learned

What we learnt here is that we nothing impossible, there is always a way to create something new and something more, and a courage to face the challenge is the most important things!

What's next for XStream VR

  • Realtime Q & A with the Speaker / Streamer
  • Realtime Communication between user in the Virtual Event

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aframejs, bootstrap, firebase, javascript, react, virtual-reality

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