In daily life we ​​seek harmony. The approaches are different because the societies and times of evolution of humanity are diverse. The madness of humanity has led us to carry out actions against our own human beings, without understanding that we come from the same common trunk. The project makes a transmedia tour with themes of origin and evolution, historical and primitive societies, what was learned in said process, the need for complex thought, harmony from Andean thought, the urgency of developing a planetary thought and the proposal of a teaching model.

What it does

It teaches to understand the different visions to reach understandings that originate harmony

How I built it

On web page with the use of transmedia narrative

Challenges I ran into

lack of knowledge of technology to create interactive actions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

creation of transmedia support magazines and the project concept

What I learned

I need to work in interdisciplinary teams

What's next for Yachachikux communities

Creation of a tourism centers with the concept of the project

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