Our team is part of a group that does improv on campus. It was a major letdown to learn that we wouldn't be able to introduce new students to improv over the next quarter and practice our skills while doing something we all love. We tried Zoom, but it felt like there were certain pieces of the improv experience missing... which is when we decided to build our own platform

What it does

Yes And Improv, once built, will be an application through the web (and maybe one day through mobile) that allows people to select pre-loaded improv games and to play them over the internet with their friends or with random improvisers all over the world!

How we built it

We haven't built it yet, but we want to! So far, we have built out the product features and understand the flow of gameplay, user characteristics, security concerns, etc. We are ready to start building our MVP directly after the competition

Challenges we ran into

Even using Zoom for recording our video proved challenging; it was difficult to review and we ended up having to cut some things because we went over slightly. We can't wait to replace Zoom with our app. Additionally, finding good proxies for the "improv market" was difficult, but we think we found some interesting ones!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting together what we believe is a entertaining video that still gets the key points across.

What we learned

Learned a lot about entertainment apps and existing resources for improv. Also learned that Zoom can be a powerful production tool, if clunky and unstable at times

What's next for Yes And Improv

We're going to build! We're very excited to take this next step and get it in the hands of some users!



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