All the team members live in Oslo and missing tools that can help us with following situations after corona affected Norway:

  1. People want to go for a walk outside, but don’t know where they can walk safely without encountering large crowds of people.
  2. People want to support local shops, but several are closed and it’s hard to get an overview over the ones that are open.


We have looked at several apps and new Facebook groups that try to share information related to this, but not in an effective way.  Telia with their Crowd insight shows people's movement patterns throughout the city, and gave us ideas to combine in the concept.

This combination is the background of inspiration for Your Neighborhood.

What it does

The map invites neighbours  into a digital window of their neighborhood. It shows them the pattern of where/how people move, local stores, playgrounds, etc. Furthermore, what is available during this time.

How we built it

The idea started blossoming from Hack the Crisis Norway. Today, Your Neighborhood, is a concept we want to discover more.

Challenges we ran into

The concept is based on a complex idea. How can we create a prototype of the concept in a way that is user-friendly and intuitive. What functions need to be available as a fundament for further development?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating enthusiasm among potential partners and users of the service. Get Natural State onboard as a partner.

What we learned

We have learned that this is a service which people feel like they need. It would provide safety in the current situation and also make you feel more connected to your neighborhood. People would like to support their local businesses, and this solution would make it easier to find them, know when they open, and which offers they currently have.

What's next for Your Neighborhood

Build a functioning prototype: app and web-app Test it in a neighborhood in development Find financing Establish an organization Invite more partners to join

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