Inspiration:- Team is committed to eradicate the possibilities of secondary and tertiary wave of COVID-19

What it does:- ZiffyHealth App, runs AI based questionnaire as per WHO guideline for the users and determines the likelihood of the risk. It further helps the high risk and medium risk suspect to take Video-Consulting with doctor and arranges for home pick up of COVID-19 test sample. Subsequently, it helps to determine positive or negative cases.

How we built it:- AI based algorithm was added in 4-days with a team size of 8-people.

Challenges we ran into:- Extensive work-load reaching to fatigue and tipping point of human capacity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:- The App is able to help the people for end to end process flow of testing COVID-19

What we learned:- Determination and handwork prevails over all odds!

What's next for Ziffy:- Our back-end system shall execute AI driven back track of currently infected people through fin-transaction and other location specific digital footprint during last 30-days since the person declared CORONA positive. Once its identified then 10-min before and after user of  such financial transaction through debit card etc at that specific location shall be contacted and facilitated for medical help and subsequent testing and quarantine through government channel. It would help to curve secondary wave of COVID-19 positive cases.

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