Distance at this time plays a very large role in the everyday life of people.  Many rules are created for this.  It is very important not to come closer than 2 meters. While shopping, we were very alarmed by the misunderstanding of people in the recommend  distance standard. Not maintaining the necessary distance may cause a lot of infected people. We, as a collective team, believe that this invention will help people in the concept of distance and control, and save many lives!

What it does

ZINK Sensors are to be placed and attached where needed. The distance is limited to 2 meters. When a person approaches closer, the sensor would alert the user to maintain a distance keeping them aware of the limit and courteous towards the space of others. When not observing, the sensor emits a signal with a vibration and light. For instance, at the entrance to a store the sensors should be attached on baskets. People do not adhere to such standards or are unaware what exactly 2 meters looks like at all times which may result in the further continuation of the spread of the virus.

How we built it

When creating this control system, we decided that the need is to make small buttons that will be attached to shopping carts or clipped on to other necessary items. The small button like sensor is  made of plastic. When approaching closer than 2 meters, the button changes color. It also emits a slight vibration, which will enable people who do not color or see poorly to maintain a distance.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, we are not able to create all necessary mechanisms for this system. This is our problem, since we cannot completely demonstrate how it works with technical ability. However, the image created shows the regular sensor and when it is in action.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that this monitoring system will help save people from infection, and most importantly save lives. We will be very happy if this helps during the current global pandemic, COVID-19

What we learned

Distancing is very important in the time of a global pandemic.

What's next for 2 meter sensor

Can be utilized in daily living however, unsure of where it is of the use unless related to personal safety.



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